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1.0 Swachhta Hi Sewa : from 15th September 2017 to 2nd October 2017.

2.0 Swachhta Pakhwada: from 16th August 2017 to 31st August 2017.

Swachh Awareness

Swachh Samwad

Swachh Parisar

Swachh Station - Colony Area


3.0 Reports related to Swachh Bharat Mission 2016-17 in CLW

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in CLW during 4th Quarter of 2016-17.

 Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in CLW during 3rd Quarter of 2016-17.

Swachhta Sapath and Swachhta Abhiyan in CLW on Gandhi Jayanti 2016.        

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in CLW during 2nd Quarter of 2016-17.

Swachh Bharat Pakhwada from 16th to 31st August 2016 in CLW.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in CLW during 1st Quarter of 2016-17.


3.1  Photographs of Gandhi Jayanti ( 2nd Oct 2016) Swachchta Diwas .

Shri B.B.Singh, CEE CLW read out Swachchta Pledge which was followed by the officers and the staff in CLW

during Swachchta Diwas.

Officers and Staff of CLW volunteered for Shramdaan and participated in Cleanliness drive during Swachchta Diwas

Cleanliness drive was carried out in Scouts Den by Scouts & Guides Unit in CLW

during Swachchta diwas programme.

During Swachchta Diwas in  CLW ,a rally was organised by Civil Defence Organisation to

spread awareness about Cleanliness

A Nukkad Natak was staged near Chittaranjan Bhawan by Civil Defence Organisation to spread

awareness about Cleanliness during Swachchta diwas in CLW

3.2 Achievements


Jun’17 - Monthly Report Dated  02-08-17

May’17 - Monthly Report Dated  20-07-17

Apr’17 - Monthly Report Dated  13-06-17

Mar’17 - Monthly Report Dated  16-05-17

Feb’17 - Monthly Report Dated  05-04-17

Jan’17 - Monthly Report Dated  06-03-17

Dec’16 - Monthly Report Dated 14-02-16

Nov’16 - Monthly Report Dated 30-12-16

Oct’16 - Monthly Report Dated 28-11-16

Sep’16 - Monthly Report Dated 07-11-16

Aug’16 - Monthly Report Dated 28-9-16

July’16 - Monthly Report Dated 20-8-16


4.0 Swachch Rail Swachch Bharat/Swachchta Saptaah- 17th Sept to 24th Sept 2016 -

                                 EVENTS- 17-9-16 , 18-9-16 , 19-9-16, 20-9-16, 21-9-16, 22-9-16, 23-9-16 & 24-9-16


4.1 Swachch Bharat Mission & Special Cleanliness Drive in CLW


Presentation being given on awareness regarding Swachh Bharat Mission on 12.03.2016 at KG Hospital

 Special cleanliness drive undertaken at KG Hospital on 12.03.2016

Special Cleanliness Drive undertaken at KG Hospital on 12.03.2016

cleanliness drive in Area 1 on 27-12-15


Pledge ceremony on 27-12-15 organised by Area-I warden regarding Swachch Bharat Mission

View of Nukkad Natak on 27-12-15 organised by Area-I residents

Shri C.P.Tayal,GM participating in the Walkathon under Swachch Rail Swachch Bharat Abhiyan  on 11-10-15


Shri C.P.Tayal,GM flagging off the Scouts Rally on 11-10-2015 

A view of Skit play being staged in CLW Area-I community hall under Swachch Bharat Abhiyan on 08-10-15

Cleanliness Drive in CLW near gate no 1 by Scouts volunteers on 2nd Oct 2015

‘स्वच्छ भारत अभियान’ पर पेंटिंग एवं क्विज प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन D V Girls School dt 5-10-15

सीएलडब्ल्यू में सफाई अभियान पर पोस्टर ; Date 4-10-15 

Shri C.P.Tayal, General Manager administering the Swachchata pledge among officers & employees in the Chittaranjan Bhawan premises on 2nd October,2015.

Shri C.P.Tayal,General Manager participating in the Shramdaan along with officers & employees in the Chittaranjan Bhawan premises on 2nd October,2015.

Awareness Rally being inaugurated by Chief of Civil Defence Organisation in CLW on 2nd Oct 2015..

Shramdaan in workshop near Stores Yard on 2nd Oct 2015.

Shramdaan in Works office premises on 2nd Oct 2015.


view of CRJ bhawan Road after  cleanliness drive in Aug 2015

view of Store shed after cleanliness drive in Aug 2015

Cleanliness drive in Traction Motor shop area on 24-6-15


 Photographs of Swachch Bharat Mission( Sapath ceremony)  & Shramdaan  on 2nd Oct 2014.

Photographs of Special Cleanliness Drive in CLW.

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